financial planning services, personal insurance, san antonio

financial planning services, personal insurance, san antonio

financial planning, tax planning, san antonio

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financial planning, investment advisor, san antonio

asset management, financial planning services, san antonio

asset management, financial planning services, san antonio

Financial Life Advisors is a Fee-Only firm.
Many “financial planners” make a majority of their income from selling commission insurance or investment products. Financial Life Advisors (FLA) wants to remain completely objective and independent when providing advice. FLA is making this commitment to remove as many conflicts of interest as possible so as to better serve our clients.

When you receive Financial Planning services from Financial Life Advisors, you will be dealing with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM practitioner and their advice will not have been influenced by their commission level from a product they are recommending, because no matter what advice we dispense, we receive the same compensation, YOUR FEE.

Financial Life Advisors charges for Asset Management and Financial Planning services. Typically clients choose to utilize FLA for both services. This usually works best for clients because if performed independently, asset management and financial planning will not be as effective. To coordinate these services and encourage long term relationships, FLA credits 50% of any fees for Financial Planning services against Asset Management fees. See our ADV disclosures for more detailed information.

Fee Schedule—Asset Management
Assets                                                                                     Annual Fee
First $500,000                                                                                 1.25%
Next $500,000                                                                                 0.90%
Next $1,000,000                                                                              0.65%
Next $3,000,000                                                                              0.50%
Remaining assets above $5,000,000                                        0.30%

The total assets being managed for each client are subject to a minimum quarterly asset management fee of $1,562.50. Accordingly, services may not be appropriate for clients with investment assets of less than $500,000.

Services & Fee Ranges—Financial Planning
Fees are quoted on a fixed fee or hourly basis depending on the expected time to complete the project. The time required to complete each project varies widely based upon individual circumstances. Fixed fees generally range from $2,000 to $8,000 per engagement. Hourly rates vary from $75 to $400 per hour. All prices and terms are quoted in writing prior to commencement of the agreement.

Risk Management
• Life and Health Insurance Review
• Property and Casualty Insurance Review
• Life or Health Policy Acquisition
• Property and Casualty Policy Acquisition

Income Tax Analysis
• Income Tax Efficiency Review
• Pension Plans and Tax Shelter Utilization Review
• Distribution/Sale Analysis

• Goal Setting
• Cash Flow Analysis
• Budgeting
• Balance Sheet
• Debt Management

Investment Analysis
• Review of Current Investments
• Review of Prospective Investment
• Model Asset Allocation
• Investment Plan

Estate Plan Analysis
• End of Life Review
• Charitable Gift Analysis
• Estate Tax Analysis
• Trust Documents Review
• Wills Review

Stand Alone Plans
• Retirement Plan
• Comprehensive Financial Plan

All of our clients receive a copy of our Form ADV Standard Disclosure and Privacy Policy at the outset of our relationship. We also send notification of any updates at least annually. This document outlines all of our business relationships, fee arrangements, and other pertinent information. FLA believes that full disclosure and transparency are important to all financial relationships.

2015 Financial Life Advisors Standard Disclosure Brochure with Privacy Policy 

This firm is not a CPA firm.

Financial Life Advisors (FLA), a Registered Investment Adviser, and Jim Oliver & Associates, P.C. (JOA) are under common ownership and control. Team Oliver is used to describe collaborative services of both firms. Professional tax services are provided by JOA and investment advisory services are provided by FLA, each under separate agreements.

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